Marketplace for March 2, 2011

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Marketplace for March 2, 2011

Yunus forced from bank. How will it affect microfinance?

Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer in microfinance, has reportedly been forced out of the bank he founded 30 years ago. The Center for Global Development's David Roodman discusses the impact his ouster will have on microfinance.
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Letters: Bill Gates, moms at work

Kai Ryssdal reviews listeners' responses to past shows and stories. This week: Bill Gates on education, moms at work and the deal behind the 10-year T-note.

Libya sanctions highlight sovereign wealth funds

Among the assets frozen by the U.S. are holdings of Libya's sovereign wealth fund. Such petrodollar funds have gained prominence in recent years.

Who needs the MPAA?

Former U.S. Senator Christopher Dodd will become the head of the Motion Picture Association of America. It used to be one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington. But the business of show business has changed.
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U.S. could reach debt limit in early April

The Treasury Department is urging Congress to raise the ceiling so we don't default.

Oil hits $100 a barrel

Past U.S. presidents as far back as the 1970s have talked about getting off foreign oil. But we just can't seem to do it.
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Change union work rules

Forget about pay and benefits. What's at stake in Wisconsin is how states can operate with rules that govern how unions work.

No waste of fashion's raw materials

Forget Galliano and Gaga. The latest fashion trend is all about saving, reducing and making far less of an impact.

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