Marketplace for March 17, 2011

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Marketplace for March 17, 2011

Bipartisan calm around U.S. nuke plans

President Obama and House Speaker Boehner both agree: U.S. should approach nuke policy changes cautiously.

U.S. budget is extended, but there are costs

Keeping the federal government running with temporary budget resolutions is changing the way business is done.

Diet Coke beats Pepsi

Diet Coke takes the number two position in the soda wars. But what's that really worth?
Posted In: Food

New York Times paywall goes up

The New York Times said today it will sell its app through iTunes, and give Apple a 30 percent cut of subscription fees. It's a coup for Apple, but not so for readers, who will pay up to $35 a month.

Japan crisis chills U.S. corporate funding

The Japanese earthquake has rattled markets and companies hoping to raise capital. But many experts call it a pause, not the end of the rally.
Posted In: Economy

An Arab Marshall Plan?

The Arab world faces a huge task of reconstruction. And they are taking a page from an old American plan.

Why health care reform matters

Next week is the one-year anniversary of the landmark health care legislation. But the fight over health care policy continues.

Sendai regroups after earthquake, tsunami

Last week's earthquake and tsunami devastated Sendai in northeastern Japan. An informal barter economy has now replaced the official one.

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