Marketplace for March 16, 2011

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Marketplace for March 16, 2011

Doing business with Gaddafi again

Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi says his forces are beating back rebel forces. If he retains power, will foreign nations do business with him again?

Letters: Young birders, disaster relief in Japan

Kai Ryssdal goes over listener responses to past shows. This week: young birders speak out, the state of public radio, and the new ways to donate to disaster relief.

Japan's automakers struggle to restart

Toyota extended its Japanese plant closures. Even as others resume production, the fallout spreads globally to factory floors and bottom lines.
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The Addiction Economy: Russia's illnesses come with high costs

Russia's low birth rate and high death rate may have huge consequences for its economic prospects. So the government is taking action.
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Nuclear power is here to stay

Countries are debating the role of nuclear power in their energy policies. So what does nuclear energy offer?

Businesses, supply chains shut down in Japan

Japan's businesses try to survive despite shut-off transportation, road blockages and the nuclear crisis.

GE's nuclear role is contradicting to its green self

General Electric has lately been trying to re-brand as a green company, but now there's negative attention on its role in the nuclear crisis in Japan.

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