Marketplace for March 10, 2011

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Marketplace for March 10, 2011

A family struggling, traveling and surviving in the Great Recession

Caitlin Shetterly, author of "Made for You and Me," and her husband Dan Davis discuss their troubles during the Great Recession, and how it brought them on a journey across the country.
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Starbucks and Green Mountain double up for single-serve

Starbucks is joining forces with Green Mountain to sell single-serve coffee and tea for Green Mountain's Keurig machines. Green Mountain already dominates the coffee-pod market. With Starbucks, its machines will become the industry standard.
Posted In: Food

Eurozone debt crisis could hurt American exports

The ratings of Greece and Spain were downgraded this week. Huge European debts could spark another round of recession, which would mean less demand for American exports.

Big investor dumps its U.S. Treasury bonds

PIMCO, which runs the biggest bond fund, has sold most of its Treasury holdings, underscoring the growing belief that interest rates will soon rise.

Carmakers invest in efficient gas-sipping cars

Chevy's new Cruze Eco model is slated to get 42 miles per gallon. Is new technology for traditional gas engines the future of fuel efficiency?
Posted In: Auto

Egypt's economic future up for grabs

In Egypt, free-market capitalism and a huge wealth gap are under the microscope as parties like the Muslim Brotherhood vie for power.

CliffsNotes goes digital

The yellow shortcut guidebooks to literature are hoping to go viral with online videos co-produced by reality show producer Mark Burnett.

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