Marketplace for June 6, 2011

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Marketplace for June 6, 2011

Apple unveils iCloud service

Steve Jobs made the keynote address today at the company's annual developers conference. The event lacked a major gadget announcement, as had been usual in years past.

California prison costs prompt reform

California, faced with rocketing prison costs, is considering its options. But proposals, including early releases and tax hikes, are controversial.
Posted In: Crime

Controversy grows over Bahrain's Grand Prix

Human rights groups oppose staging the Formula 1 Grand Prix racing event in Bahrain. Bahrain's critics say the kingdom has violated human rights.

Canada fights 'dirty'

Environmentalists around the world are fighting Canada's attempts to export oil from Alberta's oil sands. Now, Canada is fighting back.
Posted In: Oil

Price chop for vaccines for world's poor

Western pharmaceutical companies cut prices after UNICEF publicizes what they charge for life-saving vaccines.
Posted In: Health

Day Eight: A visit to Shanghai's marriage market

Pressure to get married in China has given rise to a marriage market, a place where parents go to make a love connection for their unmarried children.
Posted In: China

The problem with China's college entry test

High school graduates in China must take the gao kao. These national college entrance exams decide who gets into the best schools and eventually the best jobs. But as China moves toward a more innovation-based economy, the tests may prove problematic.
Posted In: China

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