Marketplace for June 21, 2011

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Marketplace for June 21, 2011

McKinsey health care study criticized for flaws

McKinsey says its recent conclusion that some 30 percent of employers would drop health coverage once state insurance exchanges start up is not predictive.
Posted In: Health

What the hacking groups are after

CNET's Elinor Mills discusses the financial damage caused by the recent hacking episodes, and whether the hackers are after money, in light of the British police arresting a man in connection with the attacks.
Posted In: Crime

Cramming gets a hearing

The Federal Communications Commission looks into hidden charges on phone bills.
Posted In: Crime

Medical identity theft climbs

Imposters don't just want access to your credit cards anymore. They want your insurance policy.
Posted In: Health

Housing crisis in Egypt

Creating a better economic future for Egypt means dealing with the lack of housing in Cairo.

What's an ugly photo worth?

Graphic photos on cigarette packs are one more tool in campaign to lower smoking rate.

Regulators seek to recover bond losses

Agency accuses banks of selling credit unions high-risk bonds without full disclosure.
Posted In: Crime

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