Marketplace for June 2, 2011

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Marketplace for June 2, 2011

Is China ready to help save the world?

Kai Ryssdal discusses why GM is such a success story in China and whether the Chinese are ready to help drive the global economy.
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Eurozone may look toward IMF for debt crisis help

Just a few years ago, some Eurozone countries tagged the IMF as irrelevant. But now faced with numerous bailouts and a changing of the guard at the IMF, France and others may soon be asking the organization for help.

Bond prices reflect fears of economic slowdown

Budget deficits should raise interest rates. But investors fear slow growth and unemployment more, so borrowing -- and savings -- rates stay low.
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Latest crop problem: A late spring in the West

The West may be free of tornadoes and drought, but it has its own weather problems. A cool wet spring is damaging some crops, and delaying others.
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Foreigners in China get new taxes, benefits

Foreigners working in China face new taxes in exchange for social security and health care benefits, but they may never reap those benefits.
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New standards for for-profit colleges

Rules on federal financial aid press career-oriented schools to prepare students better.
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Green vs. Green on environmental priorities

Renewable energy projects need massive amounts of land, often in environmentally-sensitive areas -- sometimes the same land that greens have fought to protect.

Day Four: A space-age ride through the Industrial Revolution

A four-hour trip turns into an hour-and-a-half ride as passengers bullet through China's countryside at 210 mph.
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