Marketplace for June 13, 2011

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Marketplace for June 13, 2011

Kickstarting jobs tougher than you think

Some economists say it will take much more sweeping measures to create jobs, things like an even bigger round of stimulus. But they aren't likely to happen.
Posted In: Jobs

Companies gird for cyber attack fallout

Companies invest in preventing data breaches. But with successful cyber attacks all but inevitable, how are they preparing for the consequences?

Facebook fatigue may be setting in

A new report shows that the number of Facebook users in the last month has fallen.

President Obama wants to jumpstart jobs

Obama is pressing tourism and green energy jobs. His jobs czar, GE's Jeff Immelt, says easing visa applications and upping energy efficiency would help. Really?
Posted In: Jobs

How Mexican cartels get drugs across the border

Most illegal drugs cross into the Southwestern U.S. Devin Browne brings us this look at one particular drug route across the Mexican border.
Posted In: Crime

The supermarket solution

How the art and science of selling food can be redirected to fight obesity.
Posted In: Health

The U.S. car industry's downfall: Putting numbers before design

Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors, discusses why U.S. carmakers find themselves in their current predicament and why he never became CEO of GM.
Posted In: Books

Is China ready to help save the world?

Kai Ryssdal discusses why GM is such a success story in China and whether the Chinese are ready to help drive the global economy.
Posted In: China

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