Marketplace for July 7, 2011

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Marketplace for July 7, 2011

Workers are saving less in auto-enrollment 401(k) programs

An analysis shows that the default saving percentage in auto-enrollment 401(k) programs isn't the best for everyone.
Posted In: Retirement

Lean manufacturing catches on with small businesses

The recession forced manufacturers to reconsider their business models. Now more are going "lean."
Posted In: Small Business

Prepping for a security clearance

New curriculum in Maryland high schools are teaching students about opportunities in government agencies, law enforcement and homeland security.
Posted In: Jobs

Debt talks drag on

Congress has 13 days to do a deal on raising the debt ceiling. The president said today that Democrats and Republicans are still a long way apart. They continue to talk, and to inch towards an agreement -- they'll even work over the weekend.

Scandal-hit newspaper to close in Britain

Britain's best-selling Sunday newspaper, the <em>News of the World</em>, is to close after allegations of widespread phone hacking and invasions of privacy.
Posted In: Law

More oil than first stated in Yellowstone River pipeline leak

Exxon's oil is sullying fields and contaminating water as far as 400 miles downstream.
Posted In: Oil

Building trust in Congress

Today, President Obama met with congressional leaders. The discussion focused on the deficit. But there's another issue that matters.

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