Marketplace for July 5, 2011

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Marketplace for July 5, 2011

The debate over fracking

Natural gas could be poised to become the number two energy source in the world. But the drilling process, also known as fracking, is controversial.

Healthy mortgage adjustments

Banks are giving big breaks to borrowers, even though they don't seem to be in danger of default. Why? Because when interest rates start to rise -- and they will -- these loans are in pole position to go bad.
Posted In: Housing

Netflix adds 43 countries

The company is expanding to Latin American and the Caribbean. Are they ready?
Posted In: Entertainment

Performance enhancing drugs may not be bad for sports

The Tour de France is underway. But it has been dogged in the last few years by allegations of doping. So what's the solution for a clean race?

The high price of cloud computing

All those bits and bites flying around the Internet get processed in hundreds of data centers around the country, with ever increasing power consumption and costs.

Not so rare earths

There may be a treasure trove of rare earth metals on the ocean floor. Only question: who owns them and how to get them up.

Should the Europeans just let Greece default?

As a possible default by Greece depresses European optimism and growth, some ask whether it's time to end the bailouts and accept the inevitable.

Will U.S. debt crisis crush our economy?

Forget the four horsemen. Hear what early indicators might <em>actually</em> signal a financial "apocalypse" because of the debt crisis.
Posted In: Economy

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