Marketplace for July 27, 2011

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Marketplace for July 27, 2011

Overall impact beyond debt ceiling deadline could be long-lasting

Even if the country avoids default, there are other economic threats that could impact the long-term health of the economy

Fox puts up paywall

The network comes up with a new way to make viewers pay to watch online.
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Cutting spending will hurt jobs

Neither debt ceiling plan under debate in Congress addresses the nation's high unemployment -- they only cut government spending. Economists say the question isn't whether that will hurt employment, it's by how much?
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U.S. companies boost jobs in Juarez, Mexico

The Mexican city of Juarez has problems with killings and drug wars, but that hasn't stopped American businesses creating thousands of jobs there.
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Companies wake up to threat of U.S. default

A deal to raise the debt ceiling may still be reached, but executives are taking action to insulate their companies from a possible debt default.
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Steam power makes a comeback

Forget solar and wind, steam power may be an old solution to new problems.

Downgrading the credit agencies

There could be reason to worry even if Washington reaches agreement and the debt ceiling is lifted.

Letters: Foreign aid, U.S.'s future liabilities

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: aid to Africa and China and the U.S.'s future liabilities.

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