Marketplace for July 25, 2011

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Marketplace for July 25, 2011

Obama calls for a 'balanced approach' to solving debt crisis

As the deadline nears on reaching a deal to raise the debt ceiling, Obama presses on Congress in rare prime-time address

Why the markets aren't reacting to debt ceiling talks

Despite all the back-and-forth happening with the debt ceiling discussions, the markets haven't reacted and don't seem worried.
Posted In: Wall Street

Debt impasse keeps investors, economy on hold

Without an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, investors and businesses are unsure of where to put their money.
Posted In: Economy

Chinese firm spans the globe to build construction experience

A Chinese company helping to reconstruct a bridge in New York aims to become a world-class construction power. But the rebuilding project is not without controversy.
Posted In: China

NFL deal is good news for TV

Television networks have a reason to cheer about the end of the NFL lockout.
Posted In: Entertainment, Sports

Indiana private schools open their doors

They're out to show private colleges can be affordable.
Posted In: Education

Mass layoffs worsen jobs figures

Recent mass layoffs at Cisco, Research in Motion and Borders are adding to a mood of uncertainty and negating government efforts to create jobs.
Posted In: Jobs

Prosthetic limbs gain sophistication

A small Scottish company, Touch Bionics, is a big player in the world of advanced prosthetics. Its versatile artificial hand is winning praise.
Posted In: Science

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