Marketplace for January 5, 2011

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Marketplace for January 5, 2011

SEC looks into Goldman Sachs-Facebook deal

The SEC is looking into whether the deal breaks rules that limits a private company to 500 shareholders. But as Stacey Vanek Smith reports, Facebook might soon find incentives to go public.
Posted In: Investing, Law

CES 2011: Gadget makers step up turf war with Apple

Apple rivals enter tablet market, TVs grow up, and everything connects to the Internet (in theory) at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Marketplace's Steve Henn reports from the show floor.

Will Republicans be able to reach their budget goal?

The 112th Congress began today, and the Republicans have officially taken over the House. Now it's a matter of how well they'll execute their campaign promises. John Dimsdale reports.

Mexico's job industry is growing stronger

The recession in the U.S has forced many Mexican migrants to return back home. In turn, the Mexican economy has gotten stronger, workers are getting paid better and unemployment rates have leveled off. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Jobs, Mexico

Parks and Recreation Creator Talks TV's New Routine

NBC's "Parks and Recreation" begins its third season on NBC tonight--as part of a comedy block that will have the network airing comedies at 10:00pm. It's been two decades since any network has tried showing comedies at that hour. Commentator and "Parks and Recreation" creator Michael Schur says there is a good reason why TV routines are changing.

What does the future hold for gasoline prices?

Kai Ryssdal talks to oil analyst Tom Kloza about his predictions on the future of price of crude, and by extension, the price at the pump.
Posted In: Oil

Letters: Campus stores, bike lanes in New York

Kai Ryssdal reads your responses to our stories on nonprofits and direct mail solicitations, bike lanes in New York and the changing campus store.

Germany's challenge: Attracting a skilled labor force

The country is lacking hundreds of thousands of skilled workers. But factors like having to know German and news of anti-immigrant sentiments in the country make the country less attractive to foreign job applicants.
Posted In: Jobs

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