Marketplace for January 19, 2011

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Marketplace for January 19, 2011

Letters: Lot 354 and American education

Kai Ryssdal goes over listener responses from last week's stories. This week: how our coverage of Lot 354 hit home for some, and the debate about praising children from a teacher's perspective.

Atlantic City looks to attract more convention business

Atlantic City is losing gamblers to casinos in nearby states. One way to make up the shortfall: Bring in more conventions.

Bank profits rise, but revenues sag

Banks are bouncing back with strong profits as they purge bad loans. But new regulations are cutting into what's needed most for growth: revenue.
Posted In: Banks

Airlines sue Chicago to stop O'Hare expansion

Chicago wants to expand O'Hare to meet future needs, but United and American Airlines don't want to pay for that while business is still bumpy.
Posted In: Airlines, Law

The 'Outrageous Fortunes' of the world economy

Kai Ryssdal talks to economist Daniel Altman about his latest book, where he gives his predictions of the long-term future of the global economy.

China's economic show of force

Chinese president Hu Jintao's visit to Washington reflects a new economic reality. Chinese companies are going global.
Posted In: China, Entrepreneurship

State of the Union advice

Next week, President Obama delivers the State of the Union and there's something important he needs to do in the speech: give a pep talk.

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