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Apple’s CEO has apologized for the company’s map misstep. Tim Cook suggested Apple users turn to the competition for relief. How might this impact map competitors? Plus, when GM went bankrupt the company left behind a slew of abandoned factories -- equipment and all. Now, buyers for the old plants have finally come knocking. And we look at the state of country music, Bank of America's $2.5 billion settlement, GMO labeling, and why one California judge has ruled that banning non-aggressive panhandling is unconstitutional. 

Weekly Wrap: BofA pays and the Labor Dept. delivers

New York bureau chief Heidi Moore and CNBC's John Carney discuss Bank of America's recent settlement, new figures from the Department of Labor and what their economic guts are telling them this week.
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Scott Borchetta: Country music maverick or anti-Christ?

Scott Borchetta, the music executive who founded Big Machine Records, has turned country music on its head. And not just in the artists he's discovered (including Taylor Swift) but in the deals he's negotiated.
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Google's (fictitious) response to Apple CEO Tim Cook's apology letter

Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook, posted a letter of apology to customers, in response to growing criticism over the Maps app in Apple’s new operating system. We imagine how Google co-founder Sergey Brin might have responded.
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While Apple apologizes, map app competitors show users the way

CEO Tim Cook took to the Apple website Friday to say he's sorry for the company's lousy maps and to steer users to the competition -- who are more than happy to supply the panicking masses with map apps.
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What your beer says about your politics

The National Journal has mapped out Americans' favorite beers... by political affiliation. What do the blue states drink? And do the red states prefer red or pale ale?
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Bank of America settles suit over Merrill Lynch deal

Bank of America will pay $2.4 billion to shareholders who accused it of withholding negative information about Merrill Lynch's finances.
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Law against panhandling ruled too harsh

An Arcata, California ordinance did not allow non-aggressive requests for money, including signs, in many parts of town. But that all changed when a judge ruled the mandate unconstitutional.
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Manufacturers consider buying former GM plants

Dozens of shuttered GM plants across the country are for sale, and a recent uptick in manufacturing means there are many interested buyers.
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California considers GMO labeling

California voters will decide whether genetically modified foods should be marked as such. Food-makers have fought the change, a turnabout from when genetically modified foods were first introduced.
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