Marketplace for Friday, Sept. 12, 2008

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Counterfeiters sour fine wine trade

Fine wine prices have shot up dramatically in recent years. But wine collectors aren't the only ones seeing dollar signs. So are wine counterfeiters. An estimated 5% of wines sold in secondary markets could be fakes. Krissy Clark reports.
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Student loan fixes will generate heat

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain say they'll reform the federal government's $150 billion student financial aid program. Commentator Kim Clark says that's great, but it's going to come with political costs.

Class is in session, but funds are tardy

With unemployment up, community colleges' enrollments are rising too. Many schools are short on funds and are having trouble handling the spike, especially in California where politicians are late in approving the state budget. Julie Small reports.
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This week: Big losses and bailouts

In a few days, Lehman Brothers will still be a going concern or it won't. It's a turn of events that didn't seem likely on Monday when the news was all about Fannie and Freddie. Amy Scott's been following developments this week. She talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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China shows Costa Rica the money

China recently bought $300 million in bonds from Costa Rica in a "checkbook diplomacy" strategy to move the nation's allegiance from Taipai to Beijing, according to a newspaper report. Dan Grech has more.

Ike has Texas refineries in its sights

Weather forecasters say Hurricane Ike is going to wallop the south Texas coast and its oil refineries early Saturday morning. To find out what that's going to mean for oil and gas prices, Kai Ryssdal talked with economist Ray Perryman.
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Car makers want financial help, too

Financial institutions aren't the only companies poking around Washington looking for help. Car makers want low-interest loan guarantees of $25 billion to retool factories to build hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars. John Dimsdale reports.
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What's Treasury planning for Lehman?

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson hasn't said anything in public yet about rescuing Lehman Brothers from its credit crisis calamity. We asked Jeremy Hobson to find out why not.
Posted In: Wall Street

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