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Former GE top dog Jack Welch has implied that President Obama cooked the books when it comes to the new jobs numbers -- but how would one go about doing that? The popularity of Toys 'R' Us’ layaway program has caused a run on some popular toys for the upcoming holiday season. California's gas prices jumped a whopping 20 cents overnight. The government has hired a PR firm to promote and explain all the complicated details of the health care plan. And the Wealth & Poverty Desk visits a workshop that lets you simulate living in poverty.

Jobless rate below 8%, candidates vague about jobs in debate

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: debating jobs. The new numbers and the presidential candidates' vague answers of what policies they'd use to boost employment.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Jobs, Unemployment

Could the jobs statistics be rigged?

The unemployment numbers pass from Census surveyors to career civil servants at the Bureau of Labor Statistics to the political appointees in the administration. But safeguards to protect the integrity of the data abound.
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The economy is like a rollercoaster

The economy is like a rollercoaster, asserts the Funny or Die "news" team. But who is running this rollercoaster? And why have we been stuck on the screaming on the way down part for such a long time?

Stores expand holiday layaway options

Slow economic recovery means layaway is thriving.
Posted In: layaway, Walmart, Toys R Us, Retail

Insurance exchanges get the PR treatment

The federal government has signed on with an ad agency for a $3 million campaign to promote insurance exchanges.
Posted In: health insurance

California, all of a sudden, hits $5 gas

California discovers how close it lives to a tipping point when refinery problems combine to create a sudden gas shortage and a spike in prices.
Posted In: gas prices, gas

Monopoly the movie?

Unfortunately, "Battleship" wasn't the last board game-turned-movie.
Posted In: Monopoly, games, movies

Pretending to be poor can change your perspective

Poverty simulation exercises confront participants with empty wallets, tough choices, and a better understanding of low-income people.
Posted In: poverty, poverty simulation, welfare

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