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Twitter's business model relies on advertising, but it’s unclear how many of Twitter's user are real or robots. That's a question advertisers -- and investors -- are going to want to know. The health care exchanges are open. Now the real work begins, especially for the group of health care advisers known as navigators. We look at the week that was on Wall Street, with our Weekly Wrap. And finally, in addition to Tropical Storm Karen working its way toward the Gulf Coast, there’s an early winter storm brewing in the west. It comes as many FEMA and NOAA employees are furloughed (though at least a few have been called back). 

Can George Clooney save 3-D?

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney co-star in 3-D space-based film "Gravity." Grantland's Wesley Morris has his review.
Posted In: movies, 3d

What does meritocracy really mean in Silicon Valley?

The Valley loves its rags to riches stories. What a tech meritocracy millionaire has to say about his own rise.
Posted In: Silicon Valley, meritocracy, Tech

No jobs report, but economy keeps moving

The government shutdown means no unemployment numbers have been released for September.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Jobs, Unemployment

The exchanges are open. Now the real work begins.

State- and federally-run health care exchanges have been enrolling people for the past four days.
Posted In: Obamacare, health care marketplace

The Labor Department's jobs report that wasn't

The monthly ups and downs don’t matter as much as the trend, and we know the trend is mediocre job growth.
Posted In: jobs report, government shutdown 2013

Hurricane or government shutdown: Which is scarier?

We look at just how essential the non-essential employees may be during episodes of severe weather.
Posted In: tropical storm Karen, Hurricane Karen, government shutdown 2013

Twitter users: Real or robot? Advertisers and investors need to know

Imagine you’re a business that relies on advertising revenue, but it’s unclear how many of your customers are bots or not. Meet Twitter.
Posted In: Twitter, advertising, Facebook, social network, IPO

Tweeter, Twitter: It's all in the name

Don't screw up those ticker symbols, investors.
Posted In: Twitter

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