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Farmers produced two-thirds more peanuts this year than last, so it looks like the price of peanut butter is coming down. The Northeast is bracing itself for hurricane Sandy. The Chinese government blocked The New York Times' website within the mainland because of an investigative report about a government official. Silicon Valley may be the most well-known tech hub in the U.S. but other cities, like Chicago, are also trying to foster entrepreneurship. Honda is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing in America -- which brings up the question of "What is an American car?" And four-star general Wesley Clark has started a coal mining venture in poverty-stricken Kosovo, a place where his name and reputation means a lot.

Peanut farms avoid the drought, and flourish

Peanut farmers in the South are reaping a bumper crop. That’s bringing down wholesale prices and likely will benefit consumers, at some point.
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Wesley Clark puts name behind Kosovo coal project

The retired Army general is known for the NATO bombing campaign to help drive out Slobadan Milosevic. Now, Wesley Clark hopes to start a coal extraction project in Kosovo.
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Creating the next Silicon Valley in Chicago

The Windy City tries to lure tech entrepreneurs to create a new startup ecosystem.
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Just what is an 'American' car?

Japanese automakers are getting more American, just as the Detroit companies get more global.
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Utilities in Northeast brace for hurricane damage

Utilities spent billions a year ago repairing lines and equipment damaged by storms Irene and Alfred -- and were roundly criticizing for leaving many people without power for days. They're intent on being prepared for Sandy.
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China pulls plug on New York Times websites

Beijing blocks the New York Times’ English and Chinese-language websites after a report on the riches amassed by the prime minister’s relatives.
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Tech struggles may reveal economic worries

Our Weekly Wrap guests discuss slow economic growth in U.S., and what's the future for corporate profits at tech companies such as Apple.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

You can do a lot with $2 billion

President Obama and Gov. Romney have raised just shy of $2 billion collectively. Here are a few things they could do with that money.
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