Marketplace for Friday, November 22, 2013

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Justin Rowlatt of the BBC talks about helium’s impact on the world, and what’s being done to conserve it. Wall Street bankers take a turn on the stand-up comedy stage.  Cable TV has been losing subscribers to satellite and phone companies—not to mention a growing online video presence. How will merging Time Warner with another company affect the cable TV business? Social media art sales are breaking down the white walls of the traditional art gallery business model. Now that the rules for breaking a Senate filibuster have changed, what will be President Obama's first move?

Helium: Not Just the Stuff in Balloons

Helium is a valuable finite resource that is often wasted just for fun.
Posted In: healthcare, elements, natural resources, helium, global economy

Weekly Wrap: Dow hits 16,000; where will it go next? + longreads

A look back at the business and economic news of the week, with Sudeep Reddy of the Wall Street Journal and Leigh Gallagher of Fortune.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

What the Time Warner buyout could mean for cable ... and the rest of us

There are reports that Charter Communications is looking to swallow up the much larger Time Warner Cable in a leveraged buyout. And Comcast could be interested too.
Posted In: Time Warner Cable, charter, internet service providers

Why California needs ACA cancellations to stay

California says no to letting insurers reissue canceled plans for another year. And it’s not just because the policies are substandard. Without those customers on the exchanges the whole thing could collapse.
Posted In: california, covered california, health insurance exchanges, Affordable Care Act

Filibuster reform: 'Nuclear option' melts Washington's hiring freeze

The Democrats go nuclear and finally crack the ice on what has amounted to a hiring freeze, since President Obama took office.
Posted In: government, filibuster, nuclear option, Senate

Wall Street tries its hand at stand-up comedy

When Wall Street tries to get some laughs.
Posted In: comedy, business, Wall Street

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