Marketplace for Friday, November 2, 2012

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October's jobs numbers are out, the last unemployment report to be released before Election Day. Kai Ryssdal talks to a small business owner from North Carolina who is still undecided about who to vote for on Tuesday. We hear about one pizza parlor in New Jersey that is trying to return to normal after Sandy, and about how the rich may have a quicker, easier recovery. The rapper Eminem has reached a settlement in a years-long lawsuit over royalty payments. And we hear about the political leanings of the music world in Nashville.

On the fence: A small business owner wants her candidate to say the right thing

Marketing strategist Olalah Njenga is hoping her candidate will give her the "how" so she can give him her vote.
Posted In: Small Business, 2012 election, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama

Country musicians often sing a GOP tune

Both presidential campaigns have their soundtracks. And on the Republican side, it’s got a twang, with a list of country music artists either endorsing or campaigning with Mitt Romney.
Posted In: Republicans, country music, tennessee, Music

Finding a slice of normalcy in New Jersey

A local pizza parlor-turned-comfort zone reopens its doors in Toms River.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, new jersey

'Eminem case' settles digital dispute

The end of a long-running battle between the rapper's producers and Universal Music could mean a payoff for lots of artists.
Posted In: Music, royalties, Eminem, music industry, record label

New jobs report offers a last word on economy before election

Depending on political spins and eventual revisions, the final Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report before the presidential election, could be good or bad for whoever wins.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment

Why the next president wins twice

The Weekly Wrap examines the latest unemployment numbers from October -- the last jobs report to come out before Election Day -- and why that matters.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Jobs

Storm hits both rich and poor

A natural disaster like Sandy can be devastating whether you're wealthy or just getting by. But the rich could have an easier, faster recovery.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, New York

Sandy may have flooded paper stock certificates

The basement vault of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation holds 1.3 million shares of stock, bonds and foreign securities. And it was flooded by Superstorm Sandy.
Posted In: stocks

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