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On today's show, we looked at how the seeds of the eurozone debt crisis were sown in the formation of the European Union half a century ago, and at the different regions of Italy and how they're surviving. Mixed martial arts, or MMA, has overtaken boxing as America's favorite contact sport. The labor movement is trying to join forces with Occupy Wall Street, and gain recognition.

How the debt crisis is shaping Europe's future

Professor Steven Weber discusses the history of Europe as a political and monetary union, and what's next for the eurozone.

Mixed martial arts makes network debut

Could this weekend's fights on Fox be the "ultimate" challenge to boxing's dominance?
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Weekly Wrap: Super committee, and Europe

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: the super committee's deadline for fixing the deficit is nearing; Europe's woes continue.
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Small talk: Fast-food eaters, Occupy Harvard, 11/11/11

The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: Who eats the most fast food, the exclusivity of Occupy Harvard, and the bizarre behaviors surrounding 11/11/11.

Sovereign debt is the new toxic asset

After the subprime mortgage crisis, investors fled to "safe" government debt. The eurozone crisis shows how toxic those bonds have become.
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Small business woes hamper Italian growth

Italy hopes small businesses can pull it out of the present crisis but red tape abounds and Italian regional disparities make a bad situation worse.

Some cities asking Occupy protesters to clear out

The mayor of Portland, Ore., is giving demonstrators until midnight Saturday. Oakland's police union wants protesters out too. But organized labor's building inroads.
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