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It's Friday, which means two things: 1) thanks to sequestration,  roughly 115,000 federal workers get an unpaid holiday and 2) it's time for the Weekly Wrap. In other news, brides may be walking down the aisle wearing...Target. Will anyone buy the budget wedding dresses? And our Safety Net series continues, this time with a different kind of bank: The Bank of Frank.

Is the end of quantitative easing near?

Federal Reserve's Ben Bernanke is cautiously optimistic.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Ben Bernanke, quantitative easing, Federal Reserve

And the bride wore...Target: The growth of budget wedding dresses

Target gets into the wedding business with an online collection of very low-priced wedding and bridesmaid dresses.
Posted In: Target, wedding dresses, weddings

When old is new again: The return of former CEOs

A.G. Lafley’s return to P&G is just the latest example of a former CEO being brought back for a new tour of duty.
Posted In: Procter and Gamble, ceo

What 'Star Wars' has to do with QE

In a week when markets have cringed at the mention of a retreat from the Fed's quantitative easing, or QE, we take a look at the history of the measure some have called a Jedi mind trick...with a little help from 'Star Wars.'
Posted In: Star Wars, quantitative easing

Why don't we fix our crumbling bridges?

Nearly 70,000 bridges across the U.S. are in need of some serious repairs but the political will, and the money, just aren't there.
Posted In: bridge, infrastructure, decision

Friday furloughs mean less services

Thanks to sequestration, roughly 115,000 federal workers at the IRS, EPA, HUD and OMB get an unpaid holiday. Does anybody really notice that the offices are closed on the first day of the long Memorial Day weekend?
Posted In: furlough, IRS, HUD, sequestration, sequester, government

Meet the Bank of Frank, safety net provider to family, friends

Government programs aren't the only safety nets that people fall back on. In the first of our "Safety Net Confessionals" we hear from Frank Paiano and one of the cousins he helped financially.
Posted In: safety net

Nine-year-old gives McDonald's CEO a talking to

Hannah Robertson showed up at the McDonald's shareholder meeting with her mother yesterday, and lined up at the mic during Q&A time.
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