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The president is naming his new pick to be the head of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro, currently the San Antonio mayor. And while HUD is something of a giant bureaucracy, it has less influence than you might think over housing in the U.S. We look at the limits of HUD’s power, and the tools HUD has to help the housing recovery. Plus, Hewlett-Packard is cutting thousands more jobs. Is this founder of Silicon Valley at the stage of life where it’s best strategy is cutting jobs to prop up profits as long as it can? Or can it, um, re-invent itself? Also, online retailer Amazon  dislikes a book critical of its founder. It now lists the paperback edition of author Brad Stone’s book as  unavailable.  We explore whether Amazon’s current dominant role in book sales gives it certain responsibilities in terms of evenhandedness.

What do John Wayne and Dracula have in common?

The Marketplace Datebook for Monday, May 26, 2014.
Posted In: Memorial Day, John Wayne, Dracula

What does HUD do?

We look at the limits of HUD, and the tools HUD has to help the housing recovery.
Posted In: HUD, Housing
Berkeley Students

The millennial takeover

What is the largest age group in America, you ask?
Posted In: Millenials
Construction On New Housing Falls 10 Percent In June

The Weekly Wrap: Still waiting for a housing boost

John Carney with the Wall Street Journal and Linette Lopez from the Business Insider join Kai to discuss the week in review.
Posted In: Housing, mergers, Credit Suisse

Amazon and the publisher

The battle between Amazon and publishers gets dirty, and there are casualties
Posted In: Amazon, Books, publishing
Hewlett-Packard Adds Thousands In Addition To Previously Scheduled Mass Layoffs

Hewlett-Packard's innovation trend flattened long ago

HP's innovation helped build Silicon Valley, but it's not had a giant hit since its printers 30 years ago.
Posted In: Hewlett-Packard, layoffs

Biometric underwear helps monitor the sick

Briefs that keep tabs on heart rate, breathing and activity levels.
Posted In: wearable tech

Ukraine's industrial heartland is up for grabs

Ukrainians head to the polls on Sunday. Well, maybe.
Posted In: ukraine

Why gas stations are disappearing

There are only 39 gas stations left in Manhattan, echoing a national trend.
Posted In: gas stations, real estate

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