Marketplace for Friday May 2, 2014

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OK, so the top line on the jobs number looks pretty good, but it’s clear that for the most part, wages are stagnant. And wage growth is an important part of the economic growth equation. Sabri Ben-Achour reports on why wages are still flat, and what it will take to get them a-risin’. Plus, Spidey hits the big screen today, and, there is lots riding on the $250 million investment by Sony.  We’re gonna get beyond the Hollywood-is-all-about-tentpoles angle and look at the degree to which movies have become companies unto themselves, and what’s at stake if they botch it.  In Sony’s case, a hedge-fund predator at the door, for starters.  Also, this week Georgia governor Nathan Deal signed a bill into law that allows drug testing of welfare applicants by state employees.  The idea is to save the state money by revoking assistance to those who test positive.  Georgia isn’t the first state to do this. How has it worked elsewhere? 

Weekly Wrap: Improving job growth

Kai talks to John Carney from the Wall Street Journal and Catherine Rampell from the Washington Post.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment

Are smart-toilets upon us? Sadly, no.

Surveillance society appears to have gone just a step too far.
Posted In: Toilets, human interface
Activists protest low wages

Wages are flat now, but maybe not for long

What will it take to get wages a-risin’?
Posted In: wages, Unemployment
Promotional shots for The Amazing Spider-man 2

Spider-Man vs. the box office

Spidey hits the big screen today, and, there is lots riding on the $250 million investment by Sony.
Posted In: film, movies, spiderman
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

Georgia latest state to drug-test welfare applicants

A bill signed in Georgia this week will allow drug testing of some welfare applicants. How has this worked in other states?
Posted In: drug testing, welfare

Making it to the 1 percent is more common than you think

About one in eight Americans become part of the 1 percent for at least a year.
Posted In: 1 percent, income inequality

A vast wasteland without Chandler Bing

Marketplace Datebook for the week of May 5, 2014
Posted In: friends, jennifer aniston, beethoven

Traveling to space? There's an agent for that

Roughly 100 travel agents work as "accredited space agents" to sell seats for Virgin Galactic.
Posted In: space, space tourism, Virgin Galactic
Trader Joe's Yogurt

Yogurt: Not just for breakfast anymore

Who knew Greek yogurt could be a cream cheese substitute?
Posted In: greek yogurt, Food, dairy

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