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It's a big weekend in mental health — the diagnotic bible, the DSM5 is set to be released. Scientific controversy aside, what is the book really worth? On Wall Street, banks are taking on Bloomberg in the wake of news that  the news service’s reporters snooped on clients through Bloomberg trading terminals. We look at the business implicatins for the company. Also, before you hit the road this weekend, car makers are setting up a new campaign to get you to stop texting and driving. How good has the technology side of this gotten?

A week of scandal and taxes

Check out weekend reading picks (not about the IRS scandal) from our Weekly Wrap.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, IRS

How much is the DSM-5 worth?

The diagnostic mental health bible comes out this weekend and as doctors' manuals go, it's high profile and big money.
Posted In: DSM, mental health

Could Bloomberg lose the trust of Wall Street?

Wall Street banks are taking on Bloomberg in the wake of news that the news service’s reporters snooped on clients. Could there be business implications for the company?
Posted In: bloomberg, Wall Street, journalism

A look at Facebook a year after its IPO

Facebook's initial stock offering was a debacle for the company and the NASDAQ, but things are looking up
Posted In: Facebook, IPO, social network

The effect of colleges divesting from fossil fuels

Fossil fuels, the new apartheid? University students want their schools to divest. One college calculates the cost.
Posted In: fossil fuels, university endowments

Shanghai smog: Life in a polluted city

Marketplace's Rob Schmitz tells Kai what it's really like to live in smoggy, hazy Shanghai, masks and all.
Posted In: smog, air pollution, China's Environment

Connecticut grabs TV business from other states

Connecticut may not have the glitz and glamour of L.A. or New York, but what it does have is an increasing number of TV shows.
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