Marketplace for Friday, May 10, 2013

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In wake of the Great ATM Heist, we look at why a swipe card’s magnetic strip is vulnerable, and why U.S. banks haven’t moved to a more secure system. In other technology, media companies and wireless operators are working together to make sure you won't max out your data plan while watching you favorite sport or show. Is it a win-win? Plus, it's Friday, so get ready for the Weekly Wrap!

The app that blocks TV spoilers on Twitter, and its teenage developer

Jennie Lamere just turned 18. Between classes and college applications, she developed an app to block the live tweets that were spoiling her favorite shows.
Posted In: app, television, social media

Getting college students across the finish line

Over the last decade, Georgia State University has created a winning formula to boost graduation rates.
Posted In: college

Why your credit card's magnetic strip is vulnerable

Despite knowing a swipe card’s magnetic strip is vulnerable, U.S. banks haven’t moved to a more secure system. Why?
Posted In: Credit Cards

Media, cell phone companies exploring ways to lower data costs

Media companies are considering subsidizing data-plan costs so smartphone users will keep watching video, wireless carriers will keep data revenue, and streaming shows can sell more ads.
Posted In: media, second screen, cell phones

Making sports more exciting can mean...more danger

Thursday’s fatal capsizing of an America's Cup yacht has raised questions about faster, lighter, riskier boats. They're designed to make the competition more exciting, and appeal to younger TV viewers -- and advertisers.
Posted In: business of sports, america's cup, Sports

Yearning for the days when we were all disengaged consumers

The quest for engaged consumers is relentless (and annoying) in the new advertising world.
Posted In: social media, advertising

Our debt limit problems are over, right?

Fannie Mae's paying $50 billion in dividends, so between that and the sequester, are our debt limit problems over?
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Fannie Mae

Bloomberg reporters had ability to spy on its customers

Goldman Sachs employees have raised concerns that Bloomberg News journalists could snoop on them through Bloomberg terminals.
Posted In: bloomberg, Goldman Sachs

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