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February’s job numbers show there’s more jobs to be had -- Jeff Tyler checks in with a long-time unemployed worker who just found a new job. The GED test will look radically different next year. We explore the origins of a viral YouTube video about income inequality that highlights the off-the-charts wealth held by the country’s top one percent. Wrigley is set to release a new caffeinated gum that’s half as potent as a cup of joe. And for some, life’s getting a bit scarier for those in the oil boom area of Williston, N.D.

Augmented reality is... virtually here

Google’s computer eyeglasses are just one device in a fast-growing field called augmented reality. This kind of technology has been around for a while, but it hasn’t really caught on. Until now.
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Oil-boom sprawl swallows a North Dakota city

The oil industry and the thousands of workers it's attracted have swallowed up communities like Williston, N.D., where neighborhoods on the edge of town now feel like they're in the center.
Posted In: Black Gold Boom, North Dakota

A surprise viral hit: Income inequality, the movie

You may have been forwarded an unusual YouTube video this week, based on an economic analysis of income inequality. But where did it come from?
Posted In: wealth gap, income inequality, viral

A 7.7% unemployment rate: Is the economy back?

Looking at the jobs numbers in the full context of the country's economic recovery.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

GED test supremacy threatened

The best-known high school equivalency test, the GED, is getting its biggest makeover in decades. It’s also facing increased competition.
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Caffeine gum could give Wrigley a jolt

Wrigley plans to start selling “Alert” gum next month -- that is, gum with caffeine. Gum sales overall are down, and “energy” products are booming. But cities, states and the FDA are investigating caffeine marketing to kids.
Posted In: Wrigley, gum, caffeine, FDA

How much money does a closed school save?

Last night, the city of Philadelphia approved efforts to close 23 public schools, about 10 percent of the city’s total, because they are underused and the city says they costs too much to keep up. The closures are part of a national trend brought on by more kids going to private and charter schools and public budget cuts.
Posted In: Philadelphia, schools, Education

How to build a strong economy? Architecture jobs

The government's report showed a mild improvement in the overall unemployment rate for February, but some professionals find the path to a job leads back to school.
Posted In: Unemployment, vocational schools, architect

TGIF: Company hosts Beer Cart Fridays

A health care employer in Florida has a great company policy: Beer Cart Fridays -- on the company's time and dime.
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