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No, it's not like everybody's opening up their fallout shelters. But c'mon, there has been a certain Cold War quality to the past week. This time, though, it's international trade and not tactical nukes that's the real weapon. So today, a Marketplace special: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Global Economy." We get the perspective on the ground in Ukraine, and give a breakdown of exactly which parts of Ukraine's economy have the most impact in the world. And in this global economy, we look at what the idea of a global superpower really means.

The view from the ground in Simferopol

The BBC's Natalia Antelava on the mood at the Crimean markets
Posted In: ukraine, Crimea

Obama's options on the 'Cold War chessboard'

David Sanger from the New York Times on President Obama's options.
Posted In: ukraine, New York Times

Mutually-assured (economic) destruction

Journalists and scholars see reasons this is -- and isn't -- deja vu all over again.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

Loving the global economy

Despite all the Cold War rhetoric, the global economy is the bigger picture.
Posted In: Cold War, ukraine, global economy

Leave work early! It's daylight saving time

Marketplace Datebook for the week of March 10, 2014
Posted In: daylight saving time

Why Russians don't want to live in Canada

The Soviet-born author remembers spending family time in Crimea.
Posted In: Crimea, Russia

Ukraine's trading partners hold their rhetorical fire

Ukraine's largest trading partners are more circumspect.

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