Marketplace for Friday, March 20, 2009

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Marketplace for Friday, March 20, 2009

A pivotal push to Go Green at expo

Cash Peters reports from a Go Green Expo in Los Angeles, where environmentalists say it's a critical time for the green movement.

Unemployment expansion a tough sell

With unemployment benefits soon to run out for 500,000 laid-off workers, the federal government is encouraging states to sign up for more funding. But some governors don't want the money. Mitchell Hartman reports.

Weekly Wrap: Debating AIG's bonuses

AIG's $165 million in bonuses with bailout money dominated headlines this week. Kai Ryssdal talks with The Wall Street Journal's Heidi Moore and John Carney of about how the story stirred emotions.

Airfare war not so bad for airlines

To get consumers traveling again, airlines are slashing fares to compete with low-budget carriers like Southwest. As Tamara Keith reports, the low fares aren't hurting airlines as much as you may think.
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Bad economy stalls Baltimore makeover

An effort to turn one of Baltimore's most-neglected neighborhoods into a biotech hub has stalled due to the recession, leaving developers and a community in limbo. Cathy Duchamp reports.

Taxing bonuses: Is this good business?

Congress is moving toward legislation to tax bonuses that companies receiving federal bailouts paid to employees. Is this a good way for government to do business? Steve Henn reports.

TALF's unintended consequences

With the TALF program, the Fed is lending money to investors so they can buy asset-backed securities to get the credit markets moving again. But the companies likely to profit are the very ones that got us into this mess. Jeremy Hobson reports.

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