Marketplace for Friday, March 14, 2014

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After two years in the making, the proposed Gainful Employment Rule is out. Career colleges (mainly for-profits), whose students graduate with dim job prospects and too much debt, will find their revenue streams cut off . Also: Ghanain oil, Baton Rouge, and a weekly wrap of this week's news.

Weekly Wrap: Hurray for Washington?

Nela Richardson and Sudeep Reddy talk about what happened this week, economy-wise, and why.

For-profit colleges and concerns over 'gainful employment'

A look at the numbers behind the Gainful Employment Rule and its potential impact on the industry.
Posted In: college finances

The 5 second rule actually works

In which science completely validates conventional wisdom.
Posted In: five second rule, studies

That extra hour of daylight finally comes in handy

Marketplace Datebook for the week of March 17, 2014
Posted In: spring cleaning, daylight saving time

A raft of weak economic data out of China

Industrial output, fixed asset investment, retail sales, you name it: all slipped the first two months of the year, defying expectations. But we've seen this before.
Posted In: China, Chinese economy

Middle class families fight over East Baton Rouge schools

Some residents want to leave a struggling public school system by incorporating a new town, St. George.
Posted In: Baton Rouge, public schools

'Big Men' filmmaker chronicles oil boom in Ghana

Rachel Boynton follows a Texan oil company and Ghanaian government officials as they scramble to profit from newly discovered oil wells off the coast in her new documentary, "Big Men."

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