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President Obama said Friday that budget cuts beginning to go into effect this month would not be apocalyptic -- but how could things look a year from now? Krissy Clark and David Weinberg do some time-traveling. An unemployed steel worker talks about the challenges he’ll face if his unemployment benefits decrease in the coming weeks because of budget cuts. We hear about those who spend their tax refunds before even receiving the money. The Centers for Disease Control has an app aimed at educating people. And Smithsonian Magazine’s Colin Schultz discusses why America objects to the slaughtering of horses for meat.

And the horse meat debate gallops on

These arguments we're having about eating horse meat, they sound kind of familiar.
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Sequester cuts get real for unemployed Americans

The sequester will mean cuts to the unemployment checks people depend on to pay bills.
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Tax refunds can burn a hole in your pocket

Some retailers run special promotions to lure customers in during tax refund season.
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Viral outbreak! The CDC has an app for that

You can identify the source of an outbreak, based on actual cases investigated by the Centers for Disease Control.
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Sequester time is here

The now-infamous sequestration -- $85 billion in automatic federal spending cuts -- kicks in today.
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Sequester: Apocalypse or not?

A look at the best and worst case from the sequester.
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Warren Buffett's message to CEOs: 'Call Berkshire'

Buffett releases his annual letter to shareholders. He adds up the total percentage change the value of Berkshire Hathaway stock since he started running the company in 1964. You won't believe the number.
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