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Recent graduates can usually breathe easy knowing they'll be on their parents' healthcare plan for a few more years. But what's it like when that comes to an end? Some tech startups are trying to sell personal information online to retailers in exchange for discounts and products.  Kai Ryssdal talks to fashion writer Kate Betts about the influence of costume designer Nolan Miller on women's fashion in the workplace. We also have the weekly wrap on this week's business stories, and small talk with the Dinner Party Download.

Taking control of your personal data

Your personal data gets mined every time you do a Google search or browse Amazon. But now, some start-ups are trying to let consumers take control of their data -- and get something in return.
Posted In: consumer data, data

More young adults insured on parents' policies

A new study says the Obama health care law has helped more than six million young adults under 26 stay on or get on their parents' health insurance plans.
Posted In: health care reform law

Small talk: Zombie bullets, mirror ads and Disney v. Redbox

The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: Bullets for killing zombies, ads in public bathroom mirrors and Redbox buying Disney movies to rent out to customers.
Posted In: silver bullet

Weekly Wrap: The slowdown of the global economy

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: Signs of a slowdown all across the world, and the Federal Reserve's latest statement.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

Letter: A small business owner on hiring and benefits

We hear from an owner of a PR firm who's trying to hire, but also struggling to cover retirement benefits.
Posted In: letters

Costume designer Nolan Miller's influence on fashion

The costume designer for television shows like "Dynasty" left a lasting influence on women's clothing and the fashion culture.
Posted In: Nolan Miller, fashion

Ponzify: Silicon Valley's next hot IPO

A prospectus for Silicon Valley's next hot tech stock offering, where nothing could possibly go wrong. It's a company called Ponzify.
Posted In: humor, ponzi, IPO

What's up, Europe? Germans care... about soccer

What's the mood like in Germany right now? It's a case of soccer fever as the European Championships kick off. But are Germans in denial about the eurozone crisis?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Germany, Whats up Europe

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