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2003 World Cop Donut Eating Championship
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Tesla is trying to get its showrooms in New Jersey re-opened with legislation that argues that car dealerships are really repair shops. Teslas don't require a lot of repairs and maintenance, ergo sum, a Tesla showroom doesn't threaten traditional dealers. Except, maybe, by revealing their real business model. In sweeter news, today's National Doughnut Day! The celebration was begun by the Salvation Army in 1938 to raise funds for people in need during the depression era. We report on the intersection of poverty and America's favorite breakfast treat. Plus, UPS is delivering 6-pound bricks of Restoration Hardware catalogs, The Complete Set, including a one-page statement of sustainability impact (hey! We only do this once a year...). We look at the marketing strategy, figure out exercise routines using the brick, and investigate other uses.

Why Restoration Hardware sends 15-pound catalogs

It's either a catalog, a megalog, or a brick.
Posted In: Restoration Hardware, catalogs

Why the U.S. economy is like a donut

It's full on the outside edges but hollow in the middle (class).
Posted In: donuts, doughnuts, pasteries, Food, middle class

Tesla: we're not car dealerships

Tesla says its New Jersey showrooms aren't a threat to car dealerships.
Posted In: tesla, cars, automobiles, car dealers

Weekly Wrap: A surprise-free 217,000

Jo Ling Kent of Fox Business and Felix Salmon of Fusion on the week's news.

Good jobs report? Bad jobs report? It all depends

Our jobs report headline generator can show all the ways to interpret the numbers.
Posted In: BLS, NFP, jobs report, U.S. Labor Department

The numbers: They're boring, but they matter

Why we are learned to stop worrying and love the numbers.
Mona Simpson

Mona Simpson on the economics behind 'Casebook'

We're asking authors about the numbers that inspire them.
Posted In: literature, Books, Mona Simpson

Friday the 13th and a full moon

Marketplace Datebook for the week of June 9, 2014
Posted In: full moon, AA, alcoholics anonymous
Russo Smirnoff

Russo brothers on the numbers of branded entertainment

Blurring the line between advertising and entertainment.
Posted In: commercials, film, Entertainment

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