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A new Google service will let your boss track your every move. Research shows that Americans are much less likely to marry someone from a different class bracket. California has become the first state to privatize state park management. Kai Ryssdal talks to Anne-Marie Slaughter, who wrote the controversial article in The Atlantic, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All." And in the latest What's Up Europe?, we hear about what people are talking about in Ireland.

Happily ever after in a cross-class marriage

Fewer people are marrying across class lines. But those who are making the leap are finding that how they grew up influences how they grow together as a couple.
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Google puts employers on your trail

The search giant is offering a new service, Maps Coordinate, to help bosses keep track of workers.
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What's up, Europe? Irish continue to muddle

As the Irish keep an eye on Greece and Spain, what news is keeping the Irish upbeat?
Posted In: Europe debt crisis, Ireland, Whats up Europe

Weekly Wrap: Markets, Moody's and the Fed

Reviewing this week's headlines on Wall Street and beyond. This week: The Moody's downgrade of international banks and the recent Fed meeting.
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Curt Schilling speaks about his financial losses

The former Boston Red Sox pitcher spoke publicly today about his failed video game company 38 Studios, and about his diminished wealth.
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California outsources state park management

California will become the first state to let private companies run its parks.
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Can women actually balance work and home life?

Princeton University professor Anne-Marie Slaughter talks about her article in the Atlantic on whether or not women really can balance careers and home lives.
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