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The Paris Air Show is one of the world’s largest aviation and defense showcases. But in this age of budget cuts, who's buying planes? Facebook now allows users to record videos through Instagram, challenging Vine. And Instagram videos are 15 seconds longer than its Twitter-backed rival.   

Does new TV show stereotype Latinas?

The new TV show, "Devious Maids," is a soap opera aimed at a Hispanic audience, but some Latinos feel it trades in stereotypes.
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In online video competition, Facebook offers an extra 9 seconds

Vine, on Twitter, lets you make a six-second video. Instagram, on Facebook, up to 15 seconds. What's nine more seconds worth?
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Ben Bernanke's muddled message?

The Fed chairman spoke about quantitative easing on Wednesday, and the possibility of tapering, and the markets reacted.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

Americans in the Air Show

The Paris Air Show is one of the world’s largest aviation and defense showcases. The U.S. pavilion is always the biggest, and typically attracts an entourage of American governors and members of Congress. But in this age of budget cuts, scrutiny on the costs will be high.
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The reinvention of LEGO

University of Pennsylvania professor Dave Robertson writes about the company and how it recovered from its near-death experience.
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The FAA answers: Why can't I use my iPad at takeoff?

The productivity loss of takeoff and landing.
Posted In: Airlines, Tech, tablets

Oracle sees future with NYSE; gives NASDAQ the boot

Oracle is leaving the NASDAQ and moving over to the New York Stock Exchange.
Posted In: NYSE, New York stocks, Tech, cloud computing, Larry Ellison

Putin says he'll replace lost Super Bowl ring

The Russian president claims he doesn't remember the incident involving Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring.
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