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The federal government's pressure on for-profit colleges that take in billions in federal student aid is close to claiming its first victim. Corinthian, which operates Everett College and Heald College among others, is nearly out of money after the government put a hold on federal grants for its students. The entire industry is sagging. If you're not almost out of money, for $50 million you can own Monet's "Nympheas," one of his most famous water lilies paintings. Or for $14.95 you can own a Nympheas coffee mug. Monet’s lilies are one of the biggest art franchises ever. But just how big? We investigate. Also, Germany's Siemens and Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries sweetened their joint bid for French company Alstom today. GE is also pursuing Alstom's energy-supply business and has a competing offer in for Alstom whose board meets next week to discuss the offers. We explore why the French firm is so sought after. 

Weekly Wrap: An almost eerie calm

Weekly Wrap for Marketplace on June 20, 2014.
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GE nears deal for Alstom

GE wants turbine company, but may end up in business with French government.
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Who sues police departments the most? Police officers

In New Jersey, millions are spent each year on lawsuits involving police.
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Monet's 'Nympheas"

How Monet ends up on a mousepad for $10.95

The artist's work has been out of copyright since 1996.
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Heald College

Hold up on aid threatens for-profit college

A delay in receiving students' federal grants could sink Corinthian Colleges
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Kershaw Bobblehead

Bobbleheadmania hits Dodger Stadium

What really brings baseball fans to the stadium? Free giveaways.
Posted In: Dodgers, baseball, los angeles
Chocolate Pudding

Pudding you in the mood for chocolate

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