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The Barclays LIBOR scandal seems like just another example of banks behaving badly, but in London, many are worried it has tarnished the city's reputation as the world's financial center. Here in the U.S., we look at alternative economic indicators to the otherwise drab June jobs report. One small South Texas town is struggling to deal with its oil boom. A new company aims to help people get much-needed loans and build their credit rating at the same time. And Sarah Gardner talks to Eric Klinenberg about the 1995 Chicago heatwave that killed over 700 people, and what we've done to prepare for heatwaves since then.

After LIBOR scandal, London fears losing financial crown

While Wall Street had been bogged down by regulations and scandal, London took the crown for leading global financial center. Now, with the Barclays and LIBOR-rigging investigation, the British city could find itself being regulated as well.
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Soda for breakfast?

Three fast food chains are promoting breakfast deals that include drinks like a 28-ounce soda -- starting at six o'clock in the morning.
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South Texas towns helped by energy boom

Several small towns in Texas are growing because of new oil and gas drilling. But can the boom last?
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Weekly Wrap: Yet another stagnant jobs report

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: The sluggish growth in the U.S. jobs market.
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Economists share unofficial economic indicators

What baristas and tailors and over-educated sandwich-makers tell us about the economy.
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Lender fills gap for Hispanic community

Progreso Financiero lends money to Latino borrowers who might otherwise not qualify for credit.
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What we have learned from the 1995 Chicago heat wave

Three days of extreme heat in Chicago in 1995 caused over 700 deaths. New York University professor Eric Klinenberg talks about what we've learned from that catastrophe.
Posted In: weather, climate change, public health

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