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Red light cameras
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We’ve come to expect lousy earnings reports from Amazon, but yesterday’s was beyond lousy, and the stock is  down 11 percent this morning. Has Amazon finally reached a point where it’s going to have to behave like other companies and make some money? Plus, under the Affordable Care Act, healthcare companies are required to spend at least 80 percent of premiums on actual medical care. We’ll explain how these rebates work and who actually gets the money. Also, has the automated red light camera system failed to live up to its promise? The system was created to improve safety on the roads and generate income in cities across the country, but the system has been plagued with controversy; and is increasingly unpopular with drivers. 
Red light cameras

Have red light cameras reached the end of the road?

Has the automated red light camera system failed to live up to its promise?
Posted In: cars, Traffic, roads, red light cameras

Amazon makes a lot of money. But it still loses more.

Amazon's stock fell 11 percent this morning following another sad earnings report.
Posted In: Amazon, earnings report, stock, shares, S&P 500 index

Want to shop like a pro? Buy generic

A new study says chefs, pharmacists and other professionals prefer generic goods.
Posted In: generic drugs, cooking, generics
Healthcare rebate

Who gets a healthcare rebate? 4 questions answered

Insurers will be issuing $330 million in refunds, but few people will get checks.
Posted In: health care, rebates, Health care and insurance, Affordable Care Act

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on rural America

On the Farm Bill, infrastructure and chemicals.
Posted In: Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, rural America

'Ace' Greenberg and the rise (and fall) of Bear Stearns

Alan Greenberg rose from clerk to CEO of Bear Stearns before its stunning fall.
Posted In: Bear Stearns, Ace, banking crisis

Weekly Wrap: The week that was

Catherine Rampell from the Washington Post and Linette Lopez from Business Insider

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