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Malaysian Airline
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Ukraine told airlines to avoid parts of its airspace. MH17 did that, but was shot down anyway. We look at what happens when countries recommend the closure of flight lanes and how airlines handle the decision and where to fly. Also, It’s almost certain that the missile which downed MH-17 was a 70s-era Buk, or SA-11, a relic of the Cold War era that was Soviet-made, then sold off around the world via the international arms market, following the collapse of the USSR. We follow the long tail of the cold war weapons that point to the sky. And after, Twitter looks to expand the count on its user base beyond monthly users by changing its metrics to reflect tweets that are seen by people who are not logged in. Why?  More users more money 

What we know about Buk missiles

The deadly consequences of Cold War weapons that won't go away.
Posted In: ukraine, weapons

Weekly Wrap: Duck hunting and the Fed

John Carney from the Wall Street Journal and Nela Richardson from Redfin

How many apps do you use in a month?

Nielsen measured how many apps we use on a regular basis.
Posted In: apps, electronics

Twitter may change metrics to reflect a wider audience

More people interact with Twitter than just those who are signed on.
Posted In: Twitter, social media
Malaysian Airline

Why planes fly through dangerous airspace

We look at how airlines respond to volatile, violent situations on the ground.
Posted In: flying, Malaysian Airlines, planes, ukraine

The FCC has been inundated with comments. Now what?

Their proposed net neutrality rules have caused backlash. But what happens next?
Posted In: net neutrality, OK Go, music streaming

Thor becomes a lady, and other changes at Marvel

Will Marvel's big shake-ups to Thor and Captain America draw a new audience?
Posted In: comic books, Marvel comics, Ms. Marvel

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