Marketplace for Friday, July 16, 2010

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Marketplace for Friday, July 16, 2010

Pop-up 'restaurants' deliver food direct to consumer

Chefs in the Bay Area are ditching the brick-and-mortar restaurant in lieu of more mobile approach - taking orders over the Internet and delivering food direct to the consumer. April Dembosky reports from Oakland, Calif.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Food

Small Talk: Airline fees, New York subways, and retro stamps

Marketplace's Brendan Newnam and Rico Gagliano chat with fellow staffers Tess Vigeland, Paddy Hirsch, and Jeremy Hobson about airline baggage fees, New York subways, and funny stamps

UK may eliminate national census

The 2011 British national census may be its last -- many are questioning the value of the information and the $700 million price tag isn't appealing for a country with financial concerns of its own.
Posted In: Law

Weekly Wrap: Financial regulation and banks

Marketplace's Tess Vigeland speaks with Felix Salmon from Reuters and CNBC's John Carney about the big week for financial regulation and big banks.
Posted In: Banks

Many banks not understanding of Gulf businessmen

Oil may no longer be spilling into the Gulf, but it still leaves many Gulf businessmen at the mercy of banks and creditors who may not be sympathetic to their circumstances.
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Was Apple really sorry about the iPhone 4?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs held a conference today regarding the iPhone 4 and he offered a fix for the phone's reception problem -- a special case -- but he didn't seem too apologetic.

Speed cameras: Good or bad?

Arizona shut down the speed cameras that patrolled some of the state's roads -- were they a success or a failure? Depends on who you ask.
Posted In: Crime

SEC v. Goldman Sachs: Who won?

The Securities and Exchange Commission settled with Goldman Sachs & Co. yesterday for $550 million for civil fraud charges of misleading investors -- $300 million in fines, and the rest as compensation for investors who lost money. But who wins in this situation?
Posted In: Banks, Law

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