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George Soros' son Jonathan has started a new super PAC, and this one is a little different -- an 'anti-super PAC' super PAC, if you will. Digg was one of the trailblazing pioneers in the social media world, and yet was sold yesterday for just half a million dollars. Some politicians are outraged that this year's U.S. Olympic team uniforms are made in China -- but maybe it's the only business decision possible for the team. Commentator Chris Farrell says the idea of the "Golden Years" retirement is a thing of the past, but that may not be a bad thing. And we have the weekly wrap on the latest JPMorgan news.

Farmers' trust in futures industry wanes

In the wake of Peregine Financial and MF Global scandals, many farmers are losing faith in commodities brokerages they used to rely on. Regulators and futures industry leaders are hoping to restore confidence with increased oversight and account insurance.
Posted In: Peregrine Financial, MF Global, Agriculture, futures

U.S. supply of sour cherries nearly wiped out this season

Freak weather in Michigan has annihilated orchards of sour cherries, meaning you should expect to see cranberries replacing them in your trail mix soon.
Posted In: Agriculture, cherries

Weekly Wrap: JPMorgan and its growing losses

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: On the latest news from JPMorgan that its losses have now reached $4.4 billion, and the traders lied to their bosses about how much the total was.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

What's up, Europe? Umbrellas for Bastille Day

Tomorrow is Bastille Day in France, the French will be celebrating despite the rainy weather and eurozone turmoil. This week French carmaker, Peugot, announced major layoffs, signaling the tough economic climate facing the country.
Posted In: France, Francois Hollande, austerity, Whats up Europe

Digg sold for scrap

The last remnants of the once popular social media site were sold yesterday -- for just $500,000.
Posted In: Digg, startup, Silicon Valley

'Stay-tirement' instead of retirement

Rethinking our expectations for the "Golden Years."
Posted In: Retirement

A Soros PAC to end all super PACs

Financier George Soros’s son starts a super PAC to support candidates who want tougher campaign finance rules. How ironic.
Posted In: super PAC

Why U.S. Olympians wear made-in-China uniforms

Unlike the teams of other countries, the U.S. Olympic team is privately financed, relying on sponsors and contributions. And its clothing sponsor has factories in China.
Posted In: Olympics 2012, apparel, China

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