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The new unemployment figures may be signaling that the economy is finally getting back on track. Kai Ryssdal visits a jobs counselor to see a different side of the job market. Penn State has a new head coach, and the alumni aren't happy. The increase in smartphone usage is clogging up the airwaves. Chinese officials are concerned about the messages pop culture TV shows send. And commentator Reiham Salam explores the economic impact caused by mass incarceration in the U.S.

What Now: The crime economy

Reforming our prison system may, in fact, help the country grow -- economically.
Posted In: What Now?, Crime, prisons

Help Wanted: Motivated, dedicated job counselors

Wilshire WorkSource is one of over 50 jobs training centers in Los Angeles County. But as they economy continues to suffer, layoffs are hitting the one place whose goal it is to help the unemployed find work.
Posted In: Unemployment, Jobs

China cracks down on popular TV shows

On the orders of the government, Chinese television has had to replace popular shows similar to "American Idol" with more morally uplifting fare.
Posted In: tv, chinese popular culture, China

More professionals strike out on their own

Economists say today's jobless rate of 8.5 percent might have been higher if it weren't for more unemployed professionals starting their own home-based businesses.
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment, Small Business

Penn State choice for Paterno successor draws boos

An assistant coach from the pros doesn't impress like a star coach from a big-name university, raising questions about Penn State's bottom lines: recruits, wins and revenue.
Posted In: college sports, Penn State

Weekly Wrap: American jobs, European economy

Reviewing the week on Wall Street and beyond. This week: A look at the December jobs numbers and the continuing economic crisis across the pond.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Jobs

Letters: Walking drunk and eating junk

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: Staying safe behind the wheel, limiting your junk food and saving your fuel economy.
Posted In: letters

Calling mom can reduce stress levels

Your mom was right (as usual): It's good for your health to give her a phone call.
Posted In: Health

A few big data users slow us all down

A new study says just 1 percent of mobile users hog half the available wireless capacity.
Posted In: smartphone, apple, siri, data plans

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