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David Gura pays a visit and reports from inside a Virginia gun store. Twitter’s newest service lets users post six-second videos, but some are complaining that's too short. Apple's latest supplier responsibility report goes deeper than ever into its Chinese supply chain. We look into whether the legal costs in the fight between Barbie and Bratz has been worth it. The European Union’s market for carbon emissions credits is crashing, but the EU isn’t ready to bail it out. And Las Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro talks about proposition bets related to the Super Bowl.

Twitter offers new challenge: 6-second videos

Twitter disproved skeptics of the 140-character tweet. Will it be able to turn a profit from six-second videos? Its new service, Vine, will try.
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Super Bowl prop bets go beyond the big game to Kobe's score and Beyonce's hair

You can get odds on more than the score and game play during the Super Bowl. These proposition bets, or prop bets, let you wager on everything from the Super Bowl going into overtime, to Beyonce's hairstyle at halftime.
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Apple finds underage labor in its Chinese supply chain

The report on supplier responsibility from Apple indicates progress on working conditions and excessive overtime requirements at the tech giant's Chinese suppliers, including its largest supplier, Foxconn. But the report also revealed one supplier was employing child workers.
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Looking back at Secretary Geithner's legacy

One final look back at Secretary Timothy Geithner's time at the Treasury Department. Plus, why you'll start hearing the word 'sequester' a lot more soon.
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The gun shop: A place to chat and shoot, as well as arm

Gun stores are busy since the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., revived concern about gun laws. Shops like Blue Ridge Arsenal in Virginia are sold out of some models, but are a gathering place for training and target shooting.
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Barbie v. Bratz: The never-ending court battle

Mattel first sued MGA over its Bratz dolls nine years ago, contending their designer worked for Mattel when he came up with the idea. The legal battle goes on, long after Bratz faded.
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Europe's slowdown endangers cap-and-trade market

Europe has the largest market for carbon permits in the world. The idea is, the more a company has to pay for permits to pollute, the greater incentive it has to reduce pollution. But the economic slowdown has greatly reduced the cost of permits.
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Kai Ryssdal vs. Garrison Keillor: The public radio Hunger Games

A thought for a Friday: If you had a public radio Hunger Games, who would win?
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