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Emerging markets are in turmoil today, but none more so than Argentina. The country’s currency dropped 11 percent against the dollar yesterday, and the country’s economic situation is now so dire that some experts are predicting 30 percent inflation this year alone. Plus, as the Obama considers how to regulate the new legal marijuana business, they are encouraging them to put their money into banks. We ask: If marijuana money isn't in banks now, where is it? And finally, the FDA is getting ready to overhaul nutrition labels for the first time in 20 years. How does what’s on that little box of numbers drive what food companies make -- and what we eat?

Moustaches are up; shaving is down

Too much information about body hair
Posted In: shaving

Tech on the bayou: Louisiana and New Orleans make a play for start-ups

Technology is so integrated with all industries these days that tech companies can locate almost anywhere. New Orleans is pushing its advantages.
Posted In: technology, Bayou, Louisiana, New Orleans

Super Bowl commercials get their own commercials

Advertisers are ginning up attention for their spots with teasers long before the big game.
Posted In: ads, Super Bowl

Juggling multiple jobs: Hey, at least its not boring.

It can be stressful to patch together a living from several jobs.
Posted In: office behavior, coworking

Legal pot businesses would love to take cash to the bank

The Obama administration is considering regulations that will encourage banks to take legal marijuana business money. What are those businesses doing now, if they can’t deposit into banks?
Posted In: marijuana

'A slow motion trainwreck': Argentina's currency woes

It's not really a shock that Argentina is in such a perilous state. What's surprising is it too this long for things to go wrong.
Posted In: Argentina, inflation

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