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The NSA announcement is sucking up a lot of the oxygen today – but what should we be more worried about, the government holding data – or the likes of Target? Next,  we look at the cost of the nickel, which the U.S. Mint says hovers around ten cents. Changing the formula could cost the zinc folks, the vending machine vendors, and other coin-operated industries. Finally, California has gotten through a number of dry years without much fuss, thanks to the Sierra snowpack. But last year’s rainfall was the lowest since 1877, it hasn’t rained at all yet this "rainy season," fire watch started in January, and the snowpack isn't there to melt. There's a drought emergency in this giant agricultural state.

Amazon's crazy-scary "anticipatory shipping"

Amazon could start shipping you stuff before you order it.
Posted In: Amazon, Amazon Prime

They're telling junior bankers to work less, but will they listen?

The big banks are telling young workers they're required to take time off, as some talent leaves Wall Street for tech or other fields.
Posted In: banking, Bank of America

No high-fives in Washington, despite budget deal

President Obama signed the $1.1 trillion spending bill that funds the federal government through the end of September.
Posted In: Unemployment, budget, Barack Obama

What's in a nickel (hint: not just nickel)

It costs almost 10 cents to make a nickel, so the US Mint may change the formula for making it. We look at the cost of the nickel – and the cost to some industries of changing it.
Posted In: Nickels, zinc, US Mint

Which spies scare you more?

The NSA announcement is sucking up a lot of the oxygen today. But what should we be more worried about: the government holding data – or the likes of Target?
Posted In: nsa, Target, cybersecurity

Can Phoenix un-suburbanize?

A Phoenix developer says new plans could bridge high-rise downtown and the Latino barrio of Grant Park.
Posted In: gentrification, urbanization

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