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The White House urges Congress to avoid the 'sequester' -- with apocolyptic examples of what could happen if it doesn't. Automakers introduce new diesel models for U.S. drivers. Eve Troeh explains how researchers are trying to persuade taxpayers to save, not spend, their refunds. In Eastern China, air pollultion levels have reached historic levels, but Rob Schmitz looks at business opportunities that have actually brightened amid the smog. As the fight over background checks on gun-buyers heats up, David Gura finds out what it really takes to buy a firearm. And as 'Nemo' hits the East Coast, flight attendant Sara Keagle talks about being grounded in the snow.

Carmakers take new look at diesel

Automakers are introducing new diesel models for U.S. drivers, as gas prices rise and tougher fuel-efficiency standards approach.
Posted In: diesel, auto industry, gasoline

What would your city look like with Beijing's air? A smog simulator

We imagine what would other cities might look like with Beijing-quality air.
Posted In: air pollution, air quality, smog

U.S. oil imports are down, narrowing the trade deficit

The transportation system for fuel in the U.S. is inadequate, though, so some oil always has to be imported to where it's needed.
Posted In: Oil, refinery, import

'Sequester' could cripple recovery: White House

Today the White House released a fact sheet on how the sequester could potentially impact jobs, the economy, and the middle class.
Posted In: sequestration

Massive snow storm snarls U.S. airlines, passengers

As snowstorm 'Nemo' approaches the East Coast, airlines are preemptively cancelling thousands of flights. That means headaches for many travelers, but how does being grounded affect those work in the airline industry?
Posted In: flight attendant, airline industry

Persuading us to save not spend our tax refund

Researchers to track a TurboTax reminder at the "golden moment" when taxpayers can be motivated to save.
Posted In: tax refund, Saving

Just say no to 'Nemo'

Why we should boycott 'Nemo' and any other storm name the Weather Channel dreams up.
Posted In: blizzard, Weather Channel

Pollution boosts clean air industry in China

Severe air pollution in Eastern China this year has spurred an economic boom for companies making filtration machines, masks, and even clean air 'domes'.
Posted In: China's Environment, air quality

Background check: what it really takes to buy a gun

In most states, buyers fill out a federal form that the gun dealer keeps in his shop. In restrictive states, for some guns, buyers need to provide references.
Posted In: guns, background check

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