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So, you went ahead and bought some bit coin. Now a large exchange is filing for bankruptcy because of a theft. How do you, how can you, protect your investment? Plus: After word that Quiznos is close to filing for bankruptcy, we take stock of what it takes to open a fast-food franchise. They may seem mostly the same, but the start-up and licensing costs vary widely. 

Beef Prices, beefed up

Beef prices are at record highs and they're only steering north from here

Weekly Wrap: Economic blood pressure

Kai talks to John Carney from the Wall Street Journal and Leigh Gallagher from Fortune for the Weekly Wrap.
Posted In: GDP, Housing

Ukrainian protests follow oligarchs to London

Mansions outside of Ukraine are drawing charges of corruption as well
Posted In: ukraine, U.K., visa

Oscar Micheaux: First to put black films on the silver screen

Micheaux incorporated African Americans from casting to funding to production
Posted In: Oscar Micheaux, inventors, film, black history month

So you went ahead and bought some bitcoin

Now a large exchange is filing for bankruptcy because of a theft. How can you protect your investment?
Posted In: bitcoin, Mt. Gox

What it costs to become a fast food franchisee

Quiznos is reportedly close to filing for bankruptcy. One problem is unhappy franchisees. So what's it take to open a fast food store?
Posted In: fast food, franchises

It's March. Do you know how much coffee you're drinking?

Marketplace Datebook for the first week of March 2014
Posted In: coffee, lent

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