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Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter talks about deciding which defense employees would face furloughs if sequestration triggers next week. Meanwhile, budget cuts have already sidelined the refurbishment of the USS Lincoln. We look at how cable news networks are using the Oscar Pistorius case to their advantage. Google's creating splashes in the tech world with its announcements of retail stores and a high-end laptop. David Weinberg investigates the vulnerability of our power grid against cyber attacks. And a look at Durham, N.C., and how a number of foreclosures have gone wrong there.

Wielding the sequester knife: 'There is no manual'

Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter says the mechanism of the sequester cuts to the Defense Department is "dumb."
Posted In: sequester, sequestration, defense

Sometimes even banks want to 'walk away' from a home

In some working-class neighborhoods with cheap housing, the banks actually lose money on a foreclosure. So it’s cheaper to do nothing.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure, North Carolina

Google store: Is it an Apple wannabe?

Google develops a laptop, high-tech glasses and... its own stores.
Posted In: Google

Power grid is vulnerable to cyber and physical attack

Cyber attacks are in the news, but physical sabotage to large transformers would probably cause more damage to the nation's electric grid.
Posted In: cyberterrorism, cybersecurity, power grid

Battleship: For presidents, a game of making an impression

President Obama goes to a shipyard next week where the USS Abraham Lincoln is awaiting refitting. An aircraft carrier is a great background for everything from presidents to Cher.
Posted In: navy, ship, USS Lincoln

Rename the sequester: Suggestions

The Weekly Wrap considers a better way to describe the sequester cuts coming next week.
Posted In: sequester, sequestration

Pistorius murder media frenzy reminds some of O.J.

Cable news counts on the ratings bump it gets from sensational trials and other long-running stories.
Posted In: Oscar Pistorius, O.J. Simpson, trial, legal, lawsuit, media, cable TV, news

To catch an Apple thief: NYPD creates new team

Mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed the rise in overall crime in the city on Apple products subjected to the five-finger discount.
Posted In: apple, theft

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