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It seems the fever over U.S. debt has broken, if President Obama’s budget blueprint is any indication. Public opinion polls show it’s no longer a top issue, the economy is improving, and advocacy groups dedicated to solving the long-term deficit have petered out. But that doesn’t mean the fight over debt is gone. It’s just hibernating. Next, producers of “Anchorman 2” are releasing a new movie, “Anchorman 2 and a half,” which is the original “Anchorman 2” with all new jokes, taken from the outtakes. 700 jokes.

Is it getting easier to show emotions at work?

Traditional research shows women in particular receive negative judgement when they emote.
Posted In: gender, gender gap, emotions

The Market Was Down

A short story from the collection 'One More Thing'
Posted In: humor, fiction

763 more 'Anchorman' jokes

The producers of "Anchorman 2 1/2" made a new movie out of outtakes
Posted In: anchorman, movies

The debt debate is just hibernating

It's quiet, but not gone
Posted In: debt, debt debacle

Our national obsession with the 'tenure' T-note, explained

A listener wrote to ask about our obsession with the so-called "tenture teanote". Well, you asked for it....
Posted In: Treasury bill

Weekly Wrap: The short version of the Fed notes

Kai talks with Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post and Felix Salmon of Reuters

Marketplace Music: Our very own music station

Listen to some of our favorite tunes.
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Things to believe in: the Grand Canyon and the tooth fairy

Marketplace Datebook for the week of February 24, 2014
Posted In: tooth fairy, MASH, M*A*S*H

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